Over the summer, Hack Club hosted Summer of Making (SOM), a 3 month-long festival giving high schoolers around the world grants to make their hardware dreams come true.

Sadly, the summer is coming to a draw and in order to end with a bang, Sam and Roshan, the masterminds behind Summer of Making, contacted me with the idea of making an Arduino PCB that would be shipped to everyone.

Well, after 2 weeks of researching, designing and routing, I present to the world my latest creation.

World, meet Orpheus Leap

Orpheus Leap is an Arduino dev board based on the Arduino Pro Micro/Leonardo. Running an ATmega32U4, the Leap can act as an HID device and is capable of almost any project with its 20 I/O pins and wide voltage range.

Ship it!

Every participant of Summer of Making (and then some) gets a leap! With so many, it was definitely a struggle to make and ship all the board but we eventually got it done.

The sun sets, but the connections don’t

It was an absolute blast both deigning the Leap, but also being part of Summer of Making. Through Hack Club and SOM, I’ve found a community of like minded makers who are always ready to help out a fellow high schooler.