It recently came to my attention that trying to import packages into Google Colab for Swift is extraordinarily difficult.

When looking around on the internet on ways to do this, 2 links came up. One link points to a GitHub gist that shows you how to import packages in a long, tedious way, and the other points to a two-year-old forum that is 20+ responses long. Yet, neither gives a general, easy to do command that rivals Colab’s Python pip install.

In order to remedy this, I just spent the last 3 hours figuring out how to import packages into colab with a one liner.

Turns out all you need to do is type in:

%install '.package(url: "{GITHUB URL}", from: "{GITHUB REPO VERSION}")' {PACKAGE NAME}

Where you would replace the {INSERTS} with the proper information.

An example would be:

%install '.package(url: "", from: "5.0.0")' Complex

This installs the Complex package for Swift (because the built-in one is utter 💩). The output looks something along the lines of:

Installing packages: .package(url: "", from: "5.0.0")

Complex With SwiftPM flags: [] 
Working in: /tmp/tmpmc6wisrl/swift-install 
Resolving at 5.0.0 [1/7] 
Compiling Complex GaussianInt.swift [2/7] 
Compiling Complex Complex.swift [3/7] 
Compiling Complex FloatingPointMath.swift [4/8] 
Merging module Complex [5/8] 
Wrapping AST for Complex for debugging [6/8] 
Linking [7/9] 
Compiling jupyterInstalledPackages jupyterInstalledPackages.swift [8/10] 
Merging module jupyterInstalledPackages [9/10] 
Wrapping AST for jupyterInstalledPackages for debugging [10/10] 
Linking [10/10] 

* Build Completed! 
Initializing Swift... 
Installation complete!

As you can see, this one command both installs and automatically builds the package – essentially the equivalent of pip install!

Now go out and write some Swifty code!

Quick note: When you start your Colab notebook, the first line you run must be the package install command. I have no idea why, but Colab forces you to do this first

NASA Global Winner!? 😱